About Meetings

SMT Online meetings are held once a month, usually on the first Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM EST.   They cover material for the trader/investor that is both at the basic level of technical analysis and also more advanced levels. There are no longer any physical SMT meetings in Rockville, Maryland. Online meetings are free and open to non-SMT members.  Only SMT members, however have access to recorded meetings going back to June 2014. 

How To Participate in SMT On Line Meetings

Log in to Zoom.com and set up and join a meeting by typing in the meeting ID Number..


We will start all meetings on-time. You should become familiar with Zoom.co, a few days before you attend your first OnLine Meeting.

Once the meeting starts, only the Host and guest speaker should be speaking. If you have questions, you can type them in to the Zoom Chat box on the side bar. Questions from attendees will be repeated by the presenter and then answered.

A video of the online meeting will be posted on the SMT web site within 48 hours for viewing by current SMT members.

Down The Road…

Once attendance has increased, or we have sufficient numbers of attendees on the West coast, we might add an additional online meeting at 10:30 EST (covering the same material) to better serve those who would rather attend a later meeting.