December Meeting

Thursday, December 7th at 7:30 PM

The Ring House
1801 East Jefferson Street
Rockville, MD 20852

Presentation Speaker:



Annual Elections & Book Auction

SMT elections are held each year in December to elect officers for the coming year per our bylaws.  Candidates for the December 2017 election to serve for 2018 are:

President – Dennis A. Kranyak

Vice-President – John T. Nelson

Secretary – Richard Messalle

Treasurer – Sondra Katz

If you desire to run for one of the offices, or would like to nominate another member to be on the ballot, email Dennis Kranyak at with the name of the candidate and office for which they desire to run so that they may be placed on the ballot.  Nominations for inclusion in the ballot must be received prior to November 30, 2017.  There will also be space on the ballot for write in candidates.

2018 elections will take place at the December 7th meeting.  Those members not able to attend the meeting will be able to vote via email.  Email ballots must have a time/date stamp prior to 7:30 PM, December 7, 2014 in order to be counted.  Election results will be posted on the SMT website.

If you are not current on your dues, please pay your dues prior to the start of the December meeting, either in person or on line, so that you may vote.

After the election, we will again conduct a book auction from selections in the SMT library.  Members are encouraged to review the SMT library on line and suggest titles they wish to bid on.

Members may pay dues by check or cash at the meeting ($45), by credit card at the meeting ($47 total using our mobile reader), or on the SMT web site ($47) using either a credit card or PayPal.  Web site and credit card payments are an additional $2 to cover SMT online banking costs.  Dues increased to $45 in 2018. New members may join at anytime for the same due and their membership will be valid to 12 months after the date of payment.

 A reminder, our meeting will be held in the downstairs social hall and we will have high speed WiFi available.

If you missed any of our meetings since June 5th, 2014, members can log on to the SMT web site and view the video of the meeting presentation in addition to downloading the presentation. Go to the “Resources” menu tab, then select “Meeting Videos”

SMT logo coffee mugs will be available for purchase at the meeting, $5 for members, $7.50 for non-members.  If you are a member and have not picked up your SMT lapel pin, see Sondra Katz at the meeting. The new SMT logo Power Bricks will be available for sale to members for $15, $17.50 for non-members.  We will also have the new SMT logo golf shirts, for $25.