December Meeting

December Meeting
Thursday, December 5, 7:30PM at Ring House

** Due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict, our originally scheduled December speaker, Hima Reddy, had to reschedule to our January 2014 meeting. All members should note that our January 2014 meeting is on the second Thursday, January 9th vice the day after New Years Day.  Our July 2014 meeting has also been rescheduled to the second Thursday of the month.

First Half Presentation

Speaker:  Dennis Kranyak

“Market Update” – Part I

SMT President Dennis Kranyak will review the current state of’s top ten market indicator charts, along with the five year performance of AIM using SSO and TNA.

“ATM Fraud”  – Part II

A brief review of the devices and means being used around the DC area to hack you ATM card.

Second Half Presentation

Speaker:  John Nelson

”Trading With AIM”

Following up on last month’s presentation, SMT member and Vice President John Nelson will apply the AIM strategy to find and trade securities within his AMIBroker trading framework.


If you have a short presentation either contact Dennis Kranyak by email at (