February 2014 Meeting


Thursday, February 6, 7:30 PM at The Ring House

The next SMT meeting will be held 7:30 Thursday, February 6, 2014 at the Ring House in Rockville, Maryland.  The speaker will be our own Mel Dickover, presenting:

“A Meditation on Expertise, Prediction and Trading”

The presentation will address the following questions:

-What are the limits of meaningful prediction, and why
-Why intuition fails in the market
-Why experts make bad predictions
-Why you believe their nonsense predictions anyway
-Why markets are not efficient
-Essential nature of and the difference between fundament and technical trading
-When investing or trading is really gambling
-How can technicals improve fundamental trading
-Prediction in technical trading
-Can trends be predicted? Trending?
-Indicator lag, prediction, and trading
-A view of idealized technical trading
-Does fear improve your trading?

Join us for this introspective look at this interesting time in the market. If you have a short presentation for the second half of the meeting, contact John Nelson @ trader@johntnelson.com prior to next Wednesday.