February 2019 Meeting

Next meeting
Thursday, February 7th at 7:30 PM

The Ring House
1801 East Jefferson Street
Rockville, MD 20852

Presentation Speaker:

John T. Nelson, SMT Vice-President


“Reversion to the Mean”

Join us for our February meeting when SMT Vice-President John T. Nelson will discuss “Reversion to the Mean.”  

“Trend” and “Reversion to the Mean” are two popular styles of trading. In finance, “Reversion to the Mean” refers to the assumption that a stock’s price will, over time, tend to move to the average or “normal” price trend. Traders can take advantage of temporary divergences from the trend to trade the relative highs and lows or “trade around the position.” In tonight’s presentation, John Nelson introduces several examples of the “Reversion to the Mean” strategy on the Thinkorswim platform and the philosophy for building them.

 See you at the February meeting!

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   A reminder, our meeting will be held in the downstairs social hall and we will have high speed WiFi available.

If you missed any of our meetings since June 5th, 2014, members can log on to the SMT web site and view the video of the meeting presentation in addition to downloading the presentation. Go to the “Resources” menu tab, then select “Meeting Videos”

SMT logo coffee mugs will be available for purchase at the meeting, $5 for members, $7.50 for non-members.  If you are a member and have not picked up your SMT lapel pin, see Sondra Katz at the meeting. The new SMT logo Power Bricks will be available for sale to members for $15, $17.50 for non-members.  We will also have the new SMT logo golf shirts, for $25.