June 2016 Meeting


Thursday, June 2, 2016    @ 7:30 PM

The Ring House
1801 East Jefferson Street
Rockville, MD    20852

Join us on Thursday evening for a trifecta of member presentations. We will examine a couple of different views on the direction of the market and see if they point the same way, along with a different view of the use of moving averages.

Main Presentation Speakers:

“Moving Averages—-how they can work for you”.

Robert Berish, SMT Member

I was interested in the topic after hearing a short presentation from one of the Online Trading Academy teacher/trader guys’ months ago. I will focus on the fact that one should find the suitable moving average for the equity instead of the characteristic “normals” that are used. In this way the suitable moving average is useful for highlighting price action in each time frame.

Break #1

“Market Update & Using AIM to Generate Extra Cash”

Dennis Kranyak, SMT President

A review of some of Dennis’s favorite market indicator charts that reveal the current state of the market, with an additional technique to generate extra cash in a more mature AIM account.
Break #2

“Where Are We Now” and “Where Are We Going”

John Nelson, SMT Vice President

Using complimentary trend, pattern, volatility and volume indicators, John will present a “Where Are We Now” and “Where Are We Going” of the markets.  Both ThinkOrSwim and AMIBroker platforms will be used and the formulas made available to the membership.


AmiBroker software is the subject of our recently added “How-To” videos on the SMT web site.

This meeting will be recorded for viewing on the SMT web site.

A reminder, our meeting will be held in the downstairs social hall and we will have high speed WiFi available.

If you missed any of our meetings since June 5th, 2014, members can log on to the SMT web site and view the videos of the meetings in addition to downloading presentations.  Go toA the “Members Only” menu tab, then select “Presentation Videos”.

The SMT Board of Trustees WILL NOT hold a meeting prior to our evening presentation.

SMT logo mugs and Lapel Pins will be available for purchase at the meeting.  They make great gifts!