November Meeting


Thursday,  November 5, 2015    @ 7:30 PM

The Ring House
1801 East Jefferson Street
Rockville, MD    20852

Main Presentation Speaker:

Carl Perthel,  CMT,
Portfolio Manager
American Asset Management Group
SMT member



In the first part of his presentation, Carl will discuss the over-riding importance of price and its relationship to market participants during secular and cyclical bull and bear markets. He will explain why it’s important to know the differences between the “secular” and “cyclical” phases. The audience will examine present day price action in the equity benchmarks and what characterizes “bear” and “bull” markets based on past examples. Carl will discuss bear market causes and cures, the significance of not losing money, the importance of valuations in determining when these markets might start and end their particular phase and why presidential cycles may be a guide in ferreting out when bull and bear markets may occur. By examining the evidence in a forensic fashion, the audience will be asked to discuss the merits of the existing evidence leading to a lively discussion on where we may be in our current cycle.

The second part of the presentation will be an update to Carl’s presentation from last August, examining Wall Street’s axiom, “Sell in May and Go Away,” or what was originally termed the “Halloween Indicator” by the Financial Times in 1935. In this part of the presentation Carl will cover market seasonality in the equity markets, how price action pairs up with the Halloween Indicator and he will offer some ideas on how investors might be able to capitalize on this statistically significant phenomenon.

This meeting will NOT be recorded, so do not miss out on Carl’s insights!

Annual Dues were due at the October meeting. If you are not paid up, please bring a check to the meeting.

A reminder, our meeting will be held in the downstairs social hall and we will have WiFi available.

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SMT logo mugs will be available for purchase at the meeting.

The next line meeting has been postponed until January 2016 due to scheduling conflicts.