October 2014 Meeting


 Thursday, October 2nd at 7:30 PM

                                                          The Ring House                                                                                                              1801 East Jefferson Street                                                  Rockville, MD  20852

 Main Presentation


Mel Dickover


“Seeing Clearly: Rocket science made even easier”

Join us for our October 2014 meeting when our own Mel Dickover will present.  The presentation starts from the assumption that price movement can be explained entirely as the result of a superposition of cycles of different wavelengths. It develops the consequences for technical analysis that follow logically from that assumption. Issues addressed include:

  •  How to untangle the superimposition of cycles to see what is relevant for trading
  •  What choosing a time frame actually means
  •  Why the market is called fractal
  •  What a trend actually is, and how to calculate how long it will last
  • Why indicators need to be tuned to a cycle
  • How to interpret the motion of oscillators
  • Why oscillators are jagged, and how to smooth them
  • Why oscillators get pinned in trends and how to prevent it
  • Why oscillators don’t always go in the direction of price

The distinction between cycling, trending, and the trend, and why you must know it

  •  Why lag is more important than you think, and how to reduce it
  •  Why noise is a lot more important than you think, and what to do about it
  •   The consequences of uneven distribution of supply and demand across price
  •   Where patterns come from and how to see them more clearly
  •    Why price patterns fail and oscillators to go the “wrong” way
  •    The underlying cyclic basis of some common trading setups


If you have a short presentation, contact Dennis Kranyak at president@markettechnicians.org.

SMT coffee mugs will be available for purchase at the meeting for $5 for members and 7.50 for non-members.  Coffee mugs are also available from the SMT web site under the “Resources” menu tab for $7.50 for members and $10.00 for non-members. Online purchase prices include shipping.

There will be an SMT board meeting at 5:00 PM at Tony Lin’s prior to the SMT meeting.