April 2014 Meeting



Thursday,  7:30 PM, April 3, 2014

The Ring House

Rockville, MD 

April’s SMT meeting will pick up with some unfinished business from the last meeting as SMT vice President John Nelson updates us on SMT website upgrades and website library use.

Our main speaker will be our own Sunil Sharma, who’s topic will be: Seasonality Driven Trading: Seasonal factors do impact an asset class’s fundamental landscape.

It does not mean that they have an identical affect every time they occur, but that the seasonal forces swaying fundamentals do appear regularly, albeit with differing intensity and magnitude. During certain periods and for certain asset classes, this produces opportunities that could be traded to generate significant profits with high degree of predictability. In the presentation Sunil will make a case that technical analysis using seasonality data, can help a trader develop a distinct market edge that can be used to generate great returns while keeping the overall market risk exposure low.

Join us for our April meeting!