January 2016 Meeting

Thursday, January 7, 2016    @ 7:30 PM

The Ring House
1801 East Jefferson Street
Rockville, MD    20852

Main Presentation Speaker:

Dennis A. Kranyak, SMT President 

John T. Nelson, SMT Vice President


An Introduction to AmiBroker Investment & Trading Software

Join SMT President Dennis A. Kranyak and SMT Vice President John T. Nelson, as they tag-team an overview of AmiBroker software.  The overview will include the various capabilities of the software along with demonstrations of specific tasks.  From the simple and basic functions, all the way to more advanced scanning, system design, back testing and evaluation, you will discover something that will peak your interest in this inexpensive, but highly capable software program.  Whether you are an investor that treasures plying a data base for the next rocket stock, or the technician that scans for the next break out or your own unique market signal, you will find this presentation interesting.   We have almost a dozen members using this software, and it is the subject of our recently added “How-To” videos on the SMT web site.

This meeting will be recorded for viewing on the SMT web site.

A reminder, our meeting will be held in the downstairs social hall and we will have high speed WiFi available.

If you missed any of our meetings since June 5th, 2014, members can log on to the SMT web site and view the videos of the meetings in addition to downloading presentations.  Go to the “Members Only” menu tab, then select “Presentation Videos”.

The SMT Board of Trustees will NOT hold a meeting prior to our evening presentation.

SMT logo mugs will be available for purchase at the meeting.  They make great holiday gifts!