RealTraders Discussion Group

Tom Domingues has forwarded the URL for subscribing to a free weekly e-mail listing of financial reports on the markets. The list includes times and forecasts. To subscribe to the RealTraders Discussion Group see

Alexander Elder

Alexander Elder, who spoke at our 10th Anniversary meeting and once at a regular meeting, writes a monthly e-mail newsletter. Although he talks some about his seminars and trading camps, Alex also includes interesting market insights and observations. The letter is well written, personal in tone, and goes down easily. For a free subscription just send your email address to Financial Trading Seminars at

Howard Bernstein

Howard Bernstein’s presentation, “Absolute Returns Through Option Selling” is on his website and you can download both the PowerPoint slides and the accompanying audio. Go to: For more information about Financial Investments, Inc. investment programs, contact them at 703-435-2777.


Presentations from the Washington DC Metro Chapter of AAII  may also be of interest to SMT members.  You can find them at

Options Industry Council (OIC)

Options education and information online at  For a more hands-on experience, the council holds seminars around the country.  Check the schedule at or call them at 1-888-OPTIONS.

The Money Show

Several Money Shows and Traders Expos occur during a year at various locations around the country.  They also have online shows (eshows) and a lot of the presentations are at their website.  Go to for more details.


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