Getting Started

The Society of Market Technicians meets the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM at: Ring House in Rockville Maryland. We welcome new members. Guests are welcome to attend one meeting for free. If you would like to join our group please complete the SMT Membership Form and bring it to the meeting with your annual $40 membership dues.


Please remember to sign in at the reception desk. If the first Thursday is a holiday we meet the second Thursday of the month. If the weather looks uncertain on a meeting day, we’ll try to send an email to all members by 2 PM of that day. Be sure to check your email and this web site (as we have not been able to successfully send email to all of the membership) before heading out to the meeting.

The Ring House has a rule of not bringing food into the building from outside. They have asked us to remind our members of that — and the prohibition against using the rear/side building doors to leave.  Also, please don’t leave any trash in the meeting room when you leave. Remember, we are guests, and although we pay for the meeting room we are there at their pleasure.

Meetings are held in the downstairs social hall.

Member Participation

SMT historically has been an organization where members made a majority of the presentations. If this tradition is to continue, we need members willing to make forty-five to sixty minute presentations at future meetings. Please let Dennis know the topic you would like to address, and when you will be ready to make your presentation. SMT also is looking for volunteers. This means not just holding office (and we do need office holders occasionally) but planning meetings and speakers. If you are willing to volunteer your time for either function, contact our president Dennis Kranyak.

Members’ Potpourri

If you have a short presentation let Dennis know at the meeting.


We need topics and presenters for future meetings so please give us your ideas. If you have a topic but need assistance in using Powerpoint, Excel or making charts we can help.  If you have suggestions for outside speakers please let us know and we can check on their availability and cost.